Evidence was taken from Mr. Ernst Oertel the trainer of RAZEEN (FR) and MELL DE PIBOUL (FR), Veterinarian Dr. Louise Barbesgaard, Equine Forensic Unit Chief Analyst Dr. Peter Albert and ERA Head Veterinary Officer Dr. David Sykes.

Mr. Oertel pleaded guilty to two (2) charges under the provisions of ERA Rule of Racing 95AAA 2 in that he presented RAZEEN (FR) to race at Sharjah on 1 November 2014 and MELL DE PIBOUL (FR) at Abu Dhabi on 16 November 2014 which upon analysis of post-race urine samples were found to have had administered to them the prohibited substance ibuprofen.

In considering penalty the Stewards took into account the following:
• Mr. Oertel’s guilty pleas.
• The seriousness of these matters.
• Mr. Oertel’s disciplinary record which shows that Mr. Oertel had previous breaches of the prohibited substance rules on 10 December 2013 and 29 January 2014.
• The nature of the prohibited substance detected that being a therapeutic substance.
• The personal circumstances of Mr. Oertel.

Mr. Oertel was disqualified for a period of four (4) months on each charge effective immediately. The Stewards further directed that these terms of disqualification are to be served concurrently which means Mr. Oertel’s disqualifications will expire at midnight 15 April 2015.

Pursuant to ERA 86(ii) RAZEEN (FR) and MELL DE PIBOUL (FR) were disqualified as the winner and second place getter of their respective races and the placings amended to read:

Sharjah Race 1 Sharjah Sport Council (1200metres)
1st ROCKY CS (US) (I. Koyuncu)
2nd AL ANID (FR) (T. O’Shea)
3rd DAWLAH (FR) (D. Muscutt)
4th FRENCH ATHBAH (US) (N. Garbutt)
5th ES MAYDAN (AE) (R. Ffrench)

Abu Dhabi Race 1 Yas Island Maiden (1600metres)
1st HAANOOF (FR) (P. Dobbs)
2nd MAFTOON AL REEF (AE) (R. Mullen)
3rd DAWLAH (FR) (D. Muscutt)
4th MUROOJ (GB) (D. O’Neill)
5th AL MUKAFIH (OM) (M. Monaghan)

John Zucal
ERA Chief Steward